MODERN MEAT is committed to environmental stewardship and animal welfare. We desire to reduce our environmental footprint by choosing plant-based products over traditional meat, which requires less water, less land and produces fewer GHG emissions.


MODERN MEAT is created in kitchens by our team of Chefs who have carefully crafted flavour forward products from plants. They are inspired and dedicated to developing unique tasting recipes for the health conscious consumer.


MODERN MEAT is all natural, there are no hidden ingredients, preservatives or chemicals. Regularly eating plant-based foods over traditional red and processed meats have numerous health benefits including reducing cholesterol, reducing the risk of diabetes and the risk of cardiovascular disease.


MODERN MEAT products are made of natural, whole foods and are 100% vegan. A nutritious and tasty alternative to traditional meat. Our plant-based foods are gluten-free, do not contain soy and are free of GMO's.