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The year 2020 has been tough for everyone. All of us are ready for it to be over and done with. While 2021 won’t magically solve 2020’s problems, ringing in the New Year will mark the end of a downhill battle and instill much needed hope for our future. Whether you will be celebrating with family or over zoom, hors d’oeuvres are a must. We have complied some of our favourite vegan recipes to help you celebrate.

Vegan Rice Paper Spring Rolls

Featuring our Modern Crumble, these vietnamese-inspired rice paper spring rolls are vegan and gluten-free. Infused with garlic, ginger, and sauces, these are a great way to kick off the evening. Click here for recipe.

Crab Cakes and Chickpea Salad

Treat your friends (or make them jealous) with this delish Modern ‘Crab’ Cake Chickpea Salad. They’re super easy, all you have to flip them and enjoy!

‘Crab’ Cakes & Chickpea Salad

Vegan Calamari by Lauren Toyota

Our friend Lauren always is super creative. Here, she utilizes oyster mushrooms for that ‘calamari’ taste, and spices it with garlic, cayenne and, paprika. This recipe is perfect is your looking for something that is quick and easy but delicious.

vegan calamari



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